I put up the outside Christmas lights today and the fuses on two strands blew out, so I had to replace them. It took me a little bit to figure out why the lights worked and then would not work when I was messing with a light bulb but I figured it out and we have almost all working lights. A few light bulbs shorted for some reason when I took off the plastic hook thing that I was using to hold them up, it rubbed the wire or something so we now have four unlit lights on a  brand new string of lights, that I bought last year on clearance. I’m pretty proud of myself, except the whole blowing through two fuses thing, but I’m also pretty proud that I figured out the problem and fixed it all by myself.

We’re suppose to decorate the tree tonight, but I think we’ll be fixing it because a vital plastic piece that holds some branches in place broke, so the branches now just hang there because they are attached because of the pre-strung lights on the tree. I wanted to buy a new tree on sale at JoAnn’s, but Jon wouldn’t let me because we had a tree at home, but now it’s broken and we’ll make it work this year, but guess who’s going clearance shopping after Christmas for a new tree?

Anyways, we’re getting in the Christmas spirit and I’m loving it.

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