Second child

So the second child as the advantage of watching the first child and learning from them. This is usually good. Eden loves books and will sit through long ones, like Bernstein Bears, because she watches and learns from Lilah sitting through them. She follows Lilah’s example when we fold our arms for prayer and she behaves pretty well. One thing that I never worried about with Lilah was climbing. I know some first children are climbers, so it may not be that Eden is my second child, but Eden is now a little climber. She climbs onto the rocker, she climbs onto Lilah’s bed and once she climbs onto Lilah’s bed she then climbs onto Lilah’s dresser that is next to the bed. She did this yesterday. I was in the living room doing school work at the computer and the girls were in the bedroom playing. I knew Eden was on the bed. I figured at least there’s carpet in the room if she falls off, and it’s only a foot and a half from the floor to the bed. Well I don’t remember if I just decided to check in on them, or if I had already heard Lilah tell Eden to get off the dresser. I walked down the hall and my heart skipped a beat as I saw Eden on the dresser trying to look out the girls window. Lilah was telling her to get off the dresser, but Eden was not listening.

Their are a few reasons this scared me. 1: the dresser is about 6-9 inches from the wall/window because the curtains are longer than the dresser height. This is just the amount of space a little one year old could fall in between and probably get beat up a little on the way down since it is a small area. 2: The dresser is about 3 feet tall and it would be a much harder landing if she fell. 3: Eden doesn’t always comprehend edges. She’s almost fallen off my bed and the couch a few times because she likes to lean her head forward and doesn’t know where her center of gravity is, in which it is very close to her big head.

I really hate this. I loved being able to have the girls in there room while I did school work. They would play and I would check in making sure Eden wasn’t being suffocated by Lilah covering her in blankets and toys, and once I saw everything was okay I could go back and do more work. This would give me anywhere between a half hour to nearly two hours depending on when they started playing and when Eden needed to go down for a nap. It just is not fun because for the next six weeks, until school ends, I will have to supervise their play more and that will take away my study time. I’ll need to be in there with them to make sure Eden doesn’t try to climb onto the dresser or to condition her by putting her in time out every time she does. I really hate the time toddlers learn to climb, but don’t completely understand heights and consequences. I just hope she learns them soon, and before she falls and does any major damage.

On a funny note about having two kids. My friend Anna came over for lunch on Thursday. She was holding Eden and Lilah said in a very serious voice that Eden was not hers and that she needed to put her down. Well something like that. It cracked us up that she was so protective of her sister. She knows Anna quite well and Anna likes to hold both of them, but this is the first time Anna got into trouble by Lilah for holding Eden. Strange people… uh, I mean… Strangers beware, Lilah has her sister’s back.

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  1. amber Says:

    Can’t you move the dresser so it’s not by the bed? Then she won’t be able to climb on it? We had to do that because Megan (who knows better) kept climing on the dresser, opening the window and yelling out of it. I was terrified that she was going to push the screen out and fall from the second story.