Scott and Fallon come to town

Last Wednesday my brother Scott and his wife Fallon got in to Vegas from Pensacola Florida, where he is stationed for the Navy. They left Monday morning and drove across the U.S. to arrive at 4:00 am Vegas time on Wednesday. Because of school, schedules and only having one car, I didn’t see them until Saturday. Fallon is a great influence on Scott, he’s active in the church and she just got baptized this July. I think Scott has always had some testimony of the church, but after being in such a strict house, once he joined the navy he went a little wild. I can understand in some ways. The rules growing up were if you live under my roof you go to church and uphold it’s teaching of morals. Of course there wild unruly times, but we all knew we had no choice about attending church. It was the rule. My parents are quite understanding though. They never told us we couldn’t hang out with someone just because they might be trouble. We got in trouble with that friend and then they said no you can’t hang out with them. It wasn’t all bad growing up.
Anyways it was fun to see them on Saturday. I had a baby shower in Henderson so they watched the kids while Kristi and I went to the baby shower. Eden slept the whole time or I would have taken her with me. She gets into so much climbing trouble and it’s hard to keep track of her when you have three other toddler/kids, and one other infant. I was able to stay for dinner and enjoy their company. I saw Scott and Fallon again on Sunday, for FHE, and then I went over and spent the day with  them on Tuesday with the girls.  Lilah had a blast throwing “approved” toys over the stairwell to have Scott retrieve them and throw them back. I say approved because at times she was trying to throw hard Lego’s, and the rule was it had to be relatively soft. It was hilarious to watch them and I think Scott got a bit of a work out. Maybe he lost a 1/2 pound for the 26 he needs to lose in the next six months. I didn’t get any pictures because I kept forgetting my camera. 🙁  It was so fun to see them. I keep in touch with Fallon though myspace, so it’s really just great to see and be able to talk, rather than leave comments on her page.  I wish they lived closer so it would be more feasible for us to visit them. They left Thursday morning. They’re hoping to get in Sunday morning so Scott can rest. You see his leave is up at 11:59 pm on Sunday, so they have him coming into work at 12:00 am Monday.

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