When I feel your love

Sometimes being a stay at home mom is long, tedious, and draining. Sometimes it seems the bad outweighs the good as we take care of the kids and find ourselves fighting and contending with one another. I forget that I love my children on occasion, on those occasions I just want to out them in their room and to forget about them. There are many moments that show me that I love my children. Sometimes it’s all day long, other times it’s when I don’t open my mouth before they do. So in the spirit of Thanksgiving and because I’m in a gushy mood I’d like to write some reasons I’m grateful for my children, or times when I feel their love for me or someone else.

1. She shares her Halloween candy with everyone.
2.She often says thank you and she’ll say that dinner is delicious or good.
3. She’ll get me things when I ask, usually.
4. She puts her feet against mine when I’m resting on the couch…..usually it’s annoying because she plays with them and it interrupts any rest I’m getting, but it’s also nice to know that she likes to be close.
5. She’ll cuddle next to you when you’re sitting together on the couch.
6. She’ll say she’s thankful for ____  during the blessing when we’re visiting or when they’re visiting us.
7. She thinks of silly games.
8. She always wants cuddles at nap times.
9. She appeared at the doorway of her room one night and before I had the chance to chastise her she said she wanted a kiss and hug goodnight.
10. She won’t let you leave her for her nap or bedtime before she gives you a kiss and hug.
11. She won’t let you leave the house before giving her a kiss and hug.
12. She’ll play with her sister.
13. She’ll read to her sister.

1. She plays with your hair while your holding her or cuddling her.
2. She plays with my hair in the morning when she’s in my bed waiting for mommy to fully wake up.
3. She gives you a smile if you look at her.
4. She follows you.
5. She’ll follow you and hug your legs so you can’t walk…Luckily I’m usually doing something at the kitchen counter when she does this.
6. She gets so excited when Jon comes home. Their is no separating Eden from giving her Daddy a welcome home hug.
7. She puckers her lips out and looks like a duck.
8. She does everything her sister does…or at least tries to.
9. She loves being read to.
10. She’s patient with me and Lilah
11. She does some things she’s told.
12. She learns something new all the time and it amazes me to see her growth.

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