Eden time

I wanted to do a little post devoted to Eden. When Lilah was little I had a calender and I tried to write down what we did each day, and I always kept track of when and what teeth were coming in and what words she was saying and the things she did. Well I haven’t done that with Eden, and this is my journal, so I thought I’d catch up on her once more.
The week before Thanksgiving Eden started building with blocks. I mean before it was two maybe three blocks that she could get balanced now they get as tall as she is when she’s sitting. It’s fun to watch her and Lilah build. If someone is with them we’re able to keep Eden from taking her sisters or trying to “help” her sister. Lilah does not like the “help “Eden tries to offer. Here are some pictures of when they were getting along, and this is just the second or so day from when Eden really started building.

One of Eden’s towers of blocks.
I couldn’t leave Lilah out, even if this post is about Eden.

Eden is also saying more words. You can hear cracker and sometimes water. I would say dog is her first word/ sign, but since it’s panting I don’t count it and her first word she says is really cracker. Yesterday she started saying uh oh. I got a video of her saying different words. We’ll see if I can get it up here because it is soo dang cute.

Other than talking. climbing, which I’ve already reported on, and building she’s just keeps growing. I’m pretty sure she’s going through a growth spurt because she’s gotten a little chubby and I think she’s now getting taller. My baby is getting too big.

Last but not least, Eden gave herself a black eye the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Jon says she had pulled the blocks off the shelf and then landed her face on them. I think she pulled them off the shelf and they landed on her face. Either way she was the cutest little girl with a black eye.

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  1. ambah Says:

    Cute girls!! I”m amazed at the crazy block skills. Annika said, ‘cori sitting’ and then I corrected her and told her it was eden. Then another little girl looked at the picture (i’m tending) and said something and Annika corrected her, ‘that eden’.