Day After Christmas

I want to blog about Christmas, but the thought of organizing pictures and videos is a little overwhelming right now.

So I’ll blog about today, or the day after Christmas.

I went shopping, it was suppose to be as busy as Black Friday and one of the two stores was pretty busy, but overall I think it was not that busy.

I first bought myself a nice wool and cashmere blend jacket. I really wanted a nice jacket and the price was right and I had a gift card. (originally $200, why anyone would pay $200 is beyond me, down to $60 with a $10 off coupon to make it $50 and a gift card from my mom and dad to pay for it. I am so happy to have a nice warm jacket to wear to church rather than some stretched out sweater. I just couldn’t bring myself to pay even $50 for a jacket before, even if it was a nice one.)

Then I went to another store to get a Christmas tree. Apparently a lot of stores had sold out before Christmas so I was happy to have my sister tell me which Target was carrying some. I got one half off and it’ll due. I really don’t think I would have paid the full $70 though, it was not that nice. The tree my father gave us is a rather nice one, big when fully put up but nice, so it’s hard to get a new one and compare, even when his is breaking and lights are burnt out.

So we now have a new tree to put presents under. You’ll understand this comment when you see our tree this year. I also bought 60 feet of garland, and I think 20 might be enough because it’s kinda¬† a skinny tree to. Anyone who wants red garland let me know, I can hook you up.

Once home I was greeted with chaos and pajama clad children who were just finishing breakfast. Lilah was just waking up when I left at 8:30 and Eden woke after I left and I returned home by 10:30. (Jon lets them take everything out at once when it comes to Christmas presents, I’m a little more organized and try to have them clean up in between.)

The girls eventually finished their movie, and we tried on clothes to see if dresses and tights fit. I played Go on Lilah’s laptop with her. She installed it herself and I guess will take after her fathers interest, of computers and games. He’s pretty smart so I don’t mind.

We made chex muddy buddies to give away¬† as reindeer poop and labeled some play dough to also give to the girl’s friends. I just have to get motivated to go outside. It was a nice and windy day and it is really cold out there but tomorrow is going to be just as cold and I want to get the little gift bags out of my house and our Christmas day after cheer spread.

My only problem, we haven’t eaten dinner yet, it’s almost ready and only 6:55, and I don’t want to be out too late.

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and a relaxing day after too.

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