Life and goals as of now

So times are a little stressed right now, but to tell the truth not nearly as bad as I expected. ( I have two weeks of school left, one week of classes and one week of finals. Jon also has a term paper to do.) I’m studying so I can get straight A’s this semester. Their I’ve said it so now I have to. (I may have said it before but it was a long time ago so I don’t remember.) It is very doable. I have an 89 in my Journalism class. So I just have to get an A on my test which is Friday the 8th. I believe I can if I get most of the study questions done from the test bank. Just watch, the ones I don’t find will be the ones I get on the test and I’ll fail!! No, I guess I’m just slightly worried about that though. I feel that I’m also just hanging on for my stats class. I have a 92 or so in the class. I have one more assignment worth five points and the exam. I’m hoping that if I study I’ll be prepared enough and will get an A though this is the hardest exam, so I’m slightly worried because I have had a hard time with half the material. My other two classes I’m not worried about at all. When I told my MIL about my plans of getting straight A’s she said that even if I get a B I’ve done well since I have two kids and was going to school full time. I suppose people say that I’ve done well even if I do just average because I’m going to school while taking care of two children. I have a hard job taking care of two kids and going to school full time, but I don’t want them to be my excuse if I don’t do as well as I planned. People ask how I go to school and take care of the girls. Really it’s not that hard unless I have a hard class, in which it would be hard with or without kids. I have neglected things in my life while I go to school, so that’s another way I do it.

My goals for after school are such (because these are things that I’ve neglected while in school or some my whole life):

1. Read the scriptures daily. This goal is now mandatory. I’m at a crossroad where I need to know if I have absolute faith and knowledge in my religion. I’ve been raised LDS and around LDS people my whole life. I think I know the church is true, but I am not positive. I’ve made wrong choices and repented, but I have some decisions coming up in which my absolute faith/ knowledge in the church is necessary. In ways, I have just gone by others and their faith. I’ve made it by through my hope and others surety, but I have doubts and now is the time to resolve them. As life progresses I will expand on the importance of this, but as of now just know that I need your support to help me through this test.

2. Make my house a home. I’ve had hard times because I feel crowded and unhappy in our situation. I wish we had a bigger place, but we do not so my goal is to make it my own. I’ve space bagged a few things and they helped and I believe will help a lot in our situation of baby clothes once I do the rest. I hope to organize my home and decorate it. I have two sets of drapes to do and I want to paint. I want to get ride of boxes and hang pictures. I think I’ll be able to do this if I don’t sit around too much.

3. Be more involved with others around me and my girls. I need to have a twice a month date with my girls and a local park or the library. I need to make friends and go out with other women around me and in general get out of the house. We’ve decided to wait on our next child until things are figured out so maybe by the summer we will have a second car, since we won’t be buying a van and hopefully the car we buy will be less expensive than the van I wanted.

Really those are the area’s of my life I need to work on. I hope I can keep busy after school so I don’t become unhappy as I have other times when I’m not in school. I’m really quite lazy so I hope if I can work hard for a couple of months on the home then I can be lazy once it’s done and it would be a less guilt laziness. 🙂

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  1. ambah Says:

    I just want to thank you for posting goal #1. I think sometimes we think we’re the only ones in the world who are struggling with our faith- especially in the LDS world. It’s nice to know that there are other people out there who struggle sometimes too.

    Good luck on your last couple weeks of school. I admire your follow through. YAY for graduation!