Send Love

A friend of mine from high school recently had a baby, but he was born with many complications, and after about six weeks of life has passed away.

She has written about the ups and down of his short life over the past weeks and, through such grace, his death.

She and her husband, whom I also went to high school with, now live far from me, and we’ve connected through blogging over the last year. In fact she’s one of the few people from high school that I have really felt more connected to through blogging and is one of the many reasons I think it is wonderful.

I know the death of her son will forever change her and her family and she has shown such strength, something that I admire so greatly.

I just want to send my love and ask those who read this to send their love towards my friend and her angel son who is now with his grandfather and Heavenly Father in heaven.

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