More sickness

Lilah has a terrible cough. Like she’s coughing up a lung cough.  She’s had it since Saturday and now, Wednesday, Eden is starting to sound like she might too have a lung she needs to cough up, though not nearly as bad as Lilah, but I’m betting it gets worse.

It seems that it takes us 5 days to get whatever Lilah has. Eden got Lilah’s runny nose about 5 days after Lilah had it. It was the fourth day that we went out figuring that Lilah wasn’t contagious, and then regrettably the fifth day Eden was showing the same symptoms.

Last night we went to my parents house to hang out and see Andrea and Brien. Lilah kept mostly away from Zarina and I was very insistent on washing her hands after every itch she had in her nose. (Yes in her nose not on her nose.)

Then this morning Eden started sounding like Lilah.

I really hope we don’t get anyone sick, though I should have known it might have happened.

On the up side we had a fun night playing Scrabble with Andrea, Derek, Carolyn, Howie and my mom. Brien played for a little bit, but then stopped to take care of Zarina and feed her.  We won the game, we were in teams by couples, or grandson and grandma in Howie’s case. It was actually my first Scrabble game and I know I did so well on part of Jon, though I had some good words too. 🙂

We wish we could have seen more of Andrea, Brien and adorable Zarina, but it was a short visit and we are sick.

We hope everyone has a happy new year. I’m sure I’ll be up at midnight because I haven’t gotten an uninterrupted nights sleep for the past few days and it looks like I’ll have coughing girls to attend to for a few more nights at least, and hopefully we don’t catch what they have.

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