Holiday Spirit

Jon’s parents are older and they have a hard time getting things done for Christmas sometimes. I remember our first married Christmas we came over and helped set up the tree and decorate it. Other years they’ve been able to pull it off. This year they had a hard time.  This past month their health as been ailing them and they had their one and only car in the shop for a week before the mechanic told them to take it to the dealership, in which the dealership diagnosed and fixed it in about 3 1/2 hours. Since we were in the middle of finals she didn’t tell me anything until this Wednesday, the first day we were able to make contact this week. I found out about all the craziness and that they had no tree up and had bought no gifts. They declined my help for Thursday. (Lilah had a little book reading holiday party with a nursery friend.) This morning I called them and nothing had been done for Christmas. Mom was planning on getting the tree out, but she was still having some difficulty. The reason Christmas is so important is Dara and Jason, my two down syndrome  siblings in-law. Since they still are quiet child like in their thinking I knew it would be important for them, and my in laws to have the Christmas tree up and some gifts. Mom said she had some videos from previous years that hadn’t been given and some pants for Jason that she had hemmed. I decided I would go and get her two items for each child and then we would go over as a family and help set up and decorate the tree, which Lilah was all for. Mom didn’t know what to get Dara and Jason. I suggested shirts and she suggested a photo album for Jason. Jason loves taking pictures. I went to Mervyn’s and Eden tagged along with me this morning. It was surprisingly not that busy and we got in and out quickly with no long line since I was in the linens department. I got Dara a shirt and a medium sized lava lamp and Jason a shirt and a photo album set. Since I got home at 10:45 am we packed up and went to the parents to set up the tree. I also wrapped the gifts while I was there so I knew that they would be wrapped.
We never know what to get his parents. They already have a lot of stuff, so this was our gift to them. Mom suggested we make it a tradition to have us over to help with the tree. She loved watching Lilah decorate, and just having company was a nice change. I suggested I could also be her elf and by this time next year because we should have a second car which would allow me more freedom to come help them. It may sound cheesy, but I love that I was able to help them for Christmas. I was a little pushy, but that was so Mom would accept the help. I know our help helped them and that makes my holiday feel a little bit more like Christmas.

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  1. Nice neice Says:

    I’m so happy to hear that Grandma and Grandpa have you guys to rely on. It tears my heart out to be so far away from them, they were like parents to me instead of grandparents for so many years. I know that it must mean so much to them that you would be so considerate and helpful, and thanks for being persisitant….I know how resistant to help they can be sometimes.
    I think you are right in saying that this is your gift to them, I know there is no material thing they could want more. Your little girls are just adorable, and having little ones around just brings a special spirit. I know that it is more work, and I know their house can be frustrating to be in with little ones, but you have done a great thing. As i always say, “If it was easy, it wouldn’t be service.” Thank you so much for doing the thing that I wish I could do!
    You know, before Jon met you, I talked to Grandma a few times about how she would cope when Jonathan got married. She admited that she and grandpa were very reliant on Jon, and that life would be more difficult when he was gone. I don’t know if you realize how much Jon sacrificed to be there for his parents, but obviously it was the way it was suppossed to be. It worked out great that he was able to be there for them for so many years, and then meet you at the right time. You guys are so great together.
    I told Nick the other day that I’d always known that it would be hard for me to ever think anyone was good enough for my uncle (big brother) Jonathan. But when I met you, and when I saw you two in the temple on your wedding day, it was like this sense of peace came over me. I knew you two would take care of each other. Thank you for choosing to join this crazy Blake clan, it takes someone truly special. 🙂 Love, Shauntae