Sick Day

Jon took a sick day so he could take care of the girls or help me if I needed him to take me to my doctor’s appointment.
Since I was felling OK this morning on my applesauce, banana’s, and 7-up diet I tried some stew for lunch that Jon had made last night for dinner.

Bad, bad, really bad, idea.

Within an hour I was experiencing the all to familiar paralyzing, nauseating, abdominal pain that I’ve experienced all weekend after I ate anything but my favorite three foods. (Applesauce, banana’s, and 7- Up.)
I  ate part of our last banana in hopes that within the hour I would feel up to going to the doctor’s office on my own.

I wasn’t.

So we packed the girls up and all went. It took a lot of my energy to stand the there waiting while the receptionist typed in my information and then handed me the papers I needed to fill out. Thankfully Jon was there and he filled out most of the forms, leaving the past health problems to be checked by me.

I got in fairly quickly and Jon and the girls retired to the car so as not to bother the other patrons.

All my stats were normal or good according to the nurse, but that meant nothing to me as I sat trying to find the most comfortable position for my aching belly in the very uncomfortable chair that had no back support.

The doctor came in asked some questions and did a quick abdominal exam.

He said I have gastritis and recommended me to stay on my bland diet for three days, take an over the counter pill, and try to slowly introduce more foods after three days. If I’m not better in 7 to 10 days to call back.

I still have a hard time digesting my bland foods, but they don’t give me as much pain as normal meals and we couldn’t find the two recommended pills, and settled for the next best thing. (Prilosec OTC being the first recommend, but sold out at both stores, and only Pepcid AC was at the second store, not Pepcid Complete which he had also recommended.)

Oh, how I long to eat our ripened avocados or bake the orange rolls that have been sitting in our fridge waiting to be bake since New Years, but haven’t due to the girls being sick, and now me.

I wonder how much weight I’ll lose over the next few days and I hope I don’t have something worse, since he didn’t do any fancy test like Web MD suggests and really don’t want to be like this for another 2 plus weeks.

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