Christmas 2006

So it’s been a little nutty at the Blake house. But this is a written recap of Christmas.
Lilah was so excited for Christmas. All day long on Monday she was asking “Is it Christmas?” She had tons of fun opening gifts. Eden on the other hand opened two gifts and just wanted to play once they were opened. One was a xylophone type chime toy, but she also liked playing with her sisters accordion. Jon got it out right away to play with it and Eden wanted to only play with that until we finally got her to open another toy, a little bath toy with soap crayons. Since Eden LOVES crayons she just played with them the rest of the morning. Lilah didn’t mind opening the rest, though I think Eden had decided to help her open the blocks once we got them out.
Jon received books and a cd. That’s all he ever gets because clothing is one thing we don’t buy for one another. Our tastes are just different enough that we’re okay with what the other person buys but we don’t always understand each others tastes. I received “one gift”. This made me sad Christmas Eve. I suppose I didn’t expect a lot but when Jon mentioned that he was sorry that I had only one gift I did get a little sad. All I get to open on Christmas is one gift when our girls have nine and he has like five! I will admit I am a little spoiled but I really love surprises so one gift just wasn’t cutting it on Christmas Eve. I also had asked Lilah what she wrapped for me with daddy and she said it was a DVD. So if I was getting one gift I didn’t want it to be a DVD set of some show I liked. I would just like to say also that we set a limit on what to spend for one another. We try to keep it small so we don’t use our savings for Christmas, except what we saved for Christmas, or go into debt. So it was only one gift because that was what our limit was set at. Jon blamed it on my expensive taste. Anyways my one gift ended up being two gifts in one package. He said he wanted to shake things up a bit and surprise me because I always know whats coming. In the one package was a cd I wanted and a fresh water pearl necklace with matching earrings. It was a bit of a surprise though not completely.
You see Jon had hidden the pearl necklace box in his drawer under this shoebox he keeps his pocket stuff in. I had removed it a week or so before Christmas to get receipts from it to file and when I put it back I noticed the blue box. It was just like the blue box a necklace I received  at a previous Christmas came in so I figured he had gotten me some jewelry off of amazon. I had will power and I did not look in the box and I even told him that I had accidentally found the box. So I started thinking about what would be in this blue box and I figured it was probably a pearl necklace and earrings. Mostly because  the jewelry I have on amazon is silver stuff and then I have a few diamonds just to give an idea and then pearls. So he was right that I end up figuring things out. ( I felt my one present Christmas morning and figured out it was the blue box I saw and not a DVD set.)
Back to the story. The twist of one present and me asking Lilah what it was made me a little disappointed only to be pleasantly surprised when I finally opened it Christmas day. Now I need to go find a cute Church outfit to go with the pearls. Sure I have one that will work and I can wear them with jeans and a nice shirts, but what’s the fun in that.

Things we got the girls:  cd player for their bedroom (really a clock radio with cd player), more blocks (hopefully they won’t fight over them as much), Tarzan (my favorite Disney movie), Monster’s Inc., Accordion (why I’m not sure. Jon bought this), toy chimes (another Jon), bubble bath, Candyland. Lilah got Eden a bath time Pablo, form the Backyardagains and it came with soap crayons. Eden got Lilah a Sequence game.
(remember this is for posterity and for the sake of recording it.)

We hung out all morning and then went to my parents around 1. The girls got lots and we got some things.  We had the traditional ham dinner with my family and just talked for the evening and came home around 6.

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