My will power to avoid stomachs aches is breaking.

Today is my third day of being on Priolsec, and I was on three days of Pecid AC before that. I should be on the road to recovery, hence why my will power is suffering and my stomach a little also, but not nearly as bad as I was a week ago.

It all started last night at family home evening. My family gets together once a month and delicious foods are brought by all, well by most and they usually all are delicious. Last night there was lasagna, broccoli and cheese casserole, seven layer salad and rolls, my Achilles heel is rolls and King Hawaiian Bread, which I brought myself. Dumb self.

So while everyone else enjoyed yummy food I ate my applesauce, my banana and munched on some crackers that I’ve introduced to my diet. I had chicken noodle soup for lunch, so I was pretty hungry at dinnertime even with all my snacks.

I cracked.

I ate some bread, a roll, and three bites of the broccoli and cheese casserole. Oh, they were all so good and I don’t know if I would say the tummy ache was worth it, but it wasn’t that bad and very bearable for the tasty food I did eat, but it came four hours later at 10 o’ clock pm and I slept on the couch sitting up for part of the night.

Which leads today.

I ate my dutiful applesauce for breakfast, but since I’m out of homemade I had to buy store bought but it’s more tangy and I don’t like to eat as much. I also had a hard boiled egg for breakfast and I’m waiting for my banana’s to ripen a little more. (Sometimes all they have are green banana’s at the store.) I decided to have some bland Malt O’ Meal for lunch and since I started the dishwasher so late the girls would be eating late. Lilah’s been wanting macaroni and cheese so I needed to get the pan clean.

Boxed macaroni and cheese has never looked, or tasted so good. Yes I did eat some, more than I should have, but not a full serving, I think.

I’m hoping it goes over well, though I’m sure to have a slight tummy ache. (Which I did, since I’ve taken a  nap and am now enduring a small stomach ache.)

I just want to eat regular food again so badly and it seems that anything I touch goes into my mouth. I’m not to be trusted, unless it’s candy, that is one thing I’m not willing to risk a stomach ache for.

I’m done with my eating problems. Thanks for reading. I do feel as though I am getting better, hence why my defenses are down. Jon reminds me that even without stomach problems, being on a diet of applesauce and banana’s is not something you can just get off of easily, you have to ease yourself into normal foods. I’m just not very good at easing.

Also my poor friend Sam is still pregnant, she was due Friday and yesterday before Relief Society started I was poking her belly telling Matilda to come out, but she didn’t, though I wouldn’t have wanted her to come out at that very moment, that would have been gross.

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  1. andrea Says:

    you are a goof ball.