Sick Little Lilah

This week has been fun.

Monday Jon and my dad went and bought a security door to put on our front door. My mom came with my dad and stayed and with me while they went shopping. Our little two door Subaru wouldn’t fit a security door in it, unless you cut off the top, so my dad came with his truck. I’m so happy to have family relatively close by, it is a 30 mile round trip from their house to ours though.

My mom, I think, brought a little virus with her, or it could have been the change of weather, but Lilah started having a runny nose on Tuesday. (She watches the little kids and nursery and one wasn’t there at church because of a runny nose, but she gave her a big hug at choir practice Sunday night.) It was an okay day but the night was rough. We let her sleep in our bed with us, hoping it would help her sleep. I also liked the idea of having my sick child cuddle up to me to sleep, but it was a short lived fantasy. Lilah tossed and turned until 2am and kept sitting up because she couldn’t breath. After she threw up, at 2 am, I used the boppy and a pillow to prop her up and that seemed to help her sleep, though she still tossed and turned a lot. It did help that we were right there when she needed us and didn’t need to cry for us. We slept okay, well as okay as two adults and one two year old in a full size bed could sleep.

Wednesday went a little rough. Lilah was a cranky two year old who woke up at 7:00 am with Daddy, and wouldn’t go back to bed, so the morning was hard and their were a lot of little crying spurts for no reason. But Lialh took a pretty good nap and was alright the rest of the day.

I had a dentist appointment also, in which I have two cavities that are to be filled next week. I dislike the dentist because I knew I was going to be needing some work done. I also had to go to a new dentist, because the dentist that I’ve gone to my whole life isn’t on our insurance plan. The new dentist was nice. He just had hairy arms.

We were also haunted by a ghost from our ward who dropped of the caramel and apples to make candied apples. We’re suppose to drop off goodies to two others in the ward. I know who it was that haunted me though because she called to get directions to some wards members home who live on our street, and asked where we live in proximity to them. Because of a test I had due today I wasn’t able to make anything, but tomorrow I plan on baking some banana bread and haunting some other ward members.

Today has been alright Lilah is still sick with a slightly runny nose, but she has a cute stuffed up nose voice. I was able to get my studying done for a PSY test that was due today. I got an 84%, which now brings my grade to an 88% in the class. I also did wonderful on my CRJ test this past Saturday so I have an A in that class and my anthropology class thus far, and two B’s for my two PSY classes.

Lilah was also asking about Anna bringing french fries for lunch. I don’t know why she was saying french fries, but it may have been fried rice because we’ve had Panda Express both times she’s come over. Anna came over last Wednesday. But I’m sure Anna is happy reading about Lilah wanting her to come over, though I don’t know if she wanted the food, or Anna’s company 🙂

Since I finished my test before this evening I went to Home family and personal enrichment. It was fun. It was about how to use the family history program to do genealogy and their was also scrapbooking, so I just sat and talked, then we had some really good food.

All in all the week as been good and I’m just glad that I’m not sick. I think tomorrow I’ll clean my house a little and catch up on my other classes I’ve been neglecting.

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  1. Irish Dancer Says:

    French fries it is, anything for Lilah, especially since she was asking for me….. 🙂