This is just a post of a few things that have happened lately.

First off Eden did the cutest thing last night. I had a stomach ache after introducing mashed potatoes to my diet and was telling Jon how my back hurts when I get these stomach aches. Eden overheard and brought me a little pillow from their things because she wanted to help me since I had a sore back. ( I’ve been using another pillow, so she knew pillows help my back.)

Last night Lilah had turned off the TV while I was getting Eden her sandwich. I had been watching some entertainment shows, my guilty pleasure, when I came back in Lilah was sitting on the couch with a Friend magazine opened and wanted it to be quiet so she could hear Heavenly Father read to her.

Lately it seems we haven’t been eating together that often. I eat when I need to so I’m not always at the table for meals. This morning when I sat down with the girls I realized it must have been a while because all they wanted to do was talk, and not eat, a sign that we’ve been separate at meals.

Some of their favorite things to talk about include: black widows and tarantulas and how we should kill them or stay away from them, kids who are mean and what to do when they are mean, why they are mean and why we should not be friends with mean kids, and mommy having another baby, which I’m not, but they would like me to.  I know there are other very redundant conversations, but those are the three that stick out in my mind.

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