My letter

Dear (enter legislator’s name here),

As a born Nevadan and a graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Governor Gibbons proposed budget cuts to the higher education system worries me.

My husband currently is attending UNLV and is studying towards his Masters degree. If the proposed budget cuts go through our future will be greatly diminished in the opportunities that he is able to have in the workplace, for who knows if his program will survive the proposed cuts and if he will be able to graduate in 2011.

I also have two children that I am raising here in Nevada and plan on sending to state universities, if we see ourselves here for that long. Even if we do not live in Nevada long enough to send our two daughters to the universities here, I know preserving Nevada’s higher education system is worth it to whatever students who are fortunate enough, and have the drive,¬† to attend college here in the future.

Please know that I am willing to pay for higher education as a citizen of Nevada.

Governor Gibbons said “Nevada government should meet the needs of the people; people should not meet the needs of Nevada government.”

That makes no sense because the government and the people are the same, and the needs of the people must be met by the people.

We pay for state services because they are needed, not always personally needed, but as a whole are needed to help our state and the people herein.

The education system is needed to help the future of Nevadans stay bright. Without an educated population the state will eventually shrivel and die. By cutting costs now we will lose teachers and professors and those who are needed to teach our population and they will not come back once the money comes back, they will be lost forever and possibly never replaced.

My husband also works for UNLV and if he loses his job we will be forced to leave our home state and build our future elsewhere and invest in another state’s future.

Governor Gibbons has promised no new taxes, but the proposed 6% income decrease is a tax, and though we do not live paycheck to paycheck and can weather¬† a 6% decrease many of our teachers cannot, nor should. The state employees who provide the services to the people should not be the only people fighting to keep the services and the only ones “taxed.”

Please know that education is important to Nevadans and that we know now is a time to invest in our future. Please do not support Governor Gibbons proposed cuts and know that the time to tax is now, so we can save our childrens future and the future of Nevada.

Thank you,

Lacey ********

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