Blueberry’s funeral

On Tuesday Lilah’s beloved betta fish Blueberry died.

I went to feed him that morning and noticed he was curled over and though I tried to help him, he couldn’t swim and just stayed on the bottom of the tank, still alive, but not really doing anything. I told Lilah that it looked like Blueberry was dying and she questioned me why I thought it and then of course started  crying and talking about how much she loved Blueberry and how he was such a great fish.

I set out water to change his bowl, in case he was alive, since he was at the bottom of the tank where the food he doesn’t eat gets funky and he hadn’t been eating much lately so there was more than there should have been, though the water in his tank was still clear.

We came home after gymnastics and Blueberry had died.

Due to being busy Wednesday night was when we had Blueberry’s funeral. I said a little prayer since Lilah was too emotional and we each said something we loved about Blueberry.

Eden loved feeding Blueberry.
I loved Blueberry’s personality and how he would swim over to look at you when you talked to him.
Jon loved how Blueberry would look for his finger when he pointed to the food and then eat and his beautiful colors.
Lilah loved feeding and talking to Blueberry. She also loved how he puffed up the day we put a mirror by his tank because he thought there was another male betta fish.

It was nice and then we flushed him.

After flushing Blueberry we finished watching Finding Nemo. The girls had started it earlier that day before Eden’s nap. Lilah kept talking about Blueberry making it to the ocean, and why would someone flush Nemo down the toilet while he was alive?

Blueberry was our first pet and he was a really nice fish, well, as nice as any betta fish comes.

We’ll miss you Blueberry.

April 2, 2008- January 27, 2009

(April 2 is the birthday Lilah gave Blueberry. )

2 Responses to “Blueberry’s funeral”

  1. andrea Says:

    Are you going to get a new fish after the grieving period is over?

  2. Lacey Says:

    Lilah asked if we were going to get one right away, as in the same time I told her Blueberry was dying she was wondering if we would replace him.

    We have the tank and probably will replace him soon, but I think we’ll take a break for a little bit.