Ten Days

It’s been 10 days on the road to recovery, well 11 if you count the day I saw the doctor, and I think I’m back to normal.


Especially since I was seeing little progress until Wednesday night and had made an appointment Wednesday morning because I felt like I would¬† be eating just Malt o’ Meal, applesauce, banana, egg, and chicken noodle soup with just a little bit of potatoes forever.¬† When I didn’t get a stomach ache Wednesday night from my potatoes I canceled the appointment I had for this morning 25 hours in advance, otherwise I would have had to pay the copay had I waited a mere 1 and a half hours longer.

I ate just a half a cup of my favorite cereal this morning, Oatmeal Squares, after my bland Malt O’ Meal and had no tummy ache!

Then today I tried bread and snuck a few peanut butter filled pretzels in. (I checked my Trader Joe peanut butter filled pretzels, that I bought after the recall, are not on the list.)

And I got no stomach ache!

I am so happy.

My first regular meal will be my favorite chicken potpie with rice. I figure it’s kinda soup-ish and I may wait till Sunday to make my mandarin orange chicken, but if tonight goes well there’s no doubt what we’re having tomorrow night for dinner.

I love being on the road to recovery and more than that, at my destination of recovery.

Regular food, here I come!

2 Responses to “Ten Days”

  1. andrea Says:

    You will need to share your recipe. We are eating more asian food lately.

  2. Lacey Says:

    My recipe is go to Trader Joe’s, pick up and buy Mandarin Orange Chicken, bring home and follow directions.

    Sorry, it’s my favorite store bought orange chicken and I haven’t been able to eat it in 2 weeks.