One thing that’s going right.

I’ve haven’t posted a lot on homeschooling. Lately it’s been kinda crazy. We had Jon home for two weeks in December, then I had one week to get in a groove, which I didn’t, and then I made the costumes the next week. Then I got sick.

So this is the first week, in six weeks, where I was consistently doing something homeschool related for three out of the five days. (My goal is school three days of the week.)

I’ve been feeling kinda in a rut, we do the same things over and over, and I’m wanting to help Lilah more with her spelling, and incorporate math and history or some kind of subject learning, I also wanted Beth to kinda tell me where Lilah is with her reading and what she thinks I need to work on.

So we hopped over to Beth’s house after a strange lunch time at the park. (Lilah was avoiding Eden and I kept losing sight of her or Eden because of it, so I forced her to play with Eden but she decided they should play hide and seek and, in essence, avoid Eden still.)

Beth did a reading evaluation on Lilah and Lilah read, and comprehended most of what she read, up to the fourth grade level and Beth felt she could have pushed her to the fifth.

So we’re doing something right.

Reading was a big hurdle so I feel relieved that Lilah is doing so well, and I feel like I was guiding her not teaching her.

Lilah does read at a fourth grade level, but she does have a problems with figuring words out on her own. She reads so fast that she doesn’t like to slow down and figure out what words are if she doesn’t know them or she glosses over and makes an educated guess, sometimes right, sometimes wrong, something I’ve noticed when we read together.

So our next goal is to look at word structure and talk about them, even on words she knows and stick to lower level reading book until she gets a little more patience and stops to figure words out. She’s not in some rush to move up in books so I think this will be just fine for her.

I’m also needing to work on writing and spelling with her a little more, but this shows me that kids can learn and they can teach themselves. I really feel like I just was helping Lilah learn and she was the one progressing ‘behind my back’ when she would decide to sit down and read books to herself or even to Eden.

She’s one smart cookie and I’m happy to be her mom and mentor.

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