Blake Clan

Friday December 29th we had a small family gathering. Kumen, Jonathan’s brother, his wife Becky and four of their children came to town. (Their oldest son just got married this past October (David) and the next son is on a mission (Jared).) Well they visited Becky’s parents in Pahrump and stayed there, but they came to Vegas to try to see the different siblings. They live in AZ, so we see them about twice a year. It was an unplanned trip, or a trip were they didn’t know if they’d be able to come to Nevada until last minute, so Thursday is when we found out they were in state. The Blake clan needed a gathering spot, since the two sisters, where we normally have our gatherings were busy or sick, Jon volunteered our small abode. His parents house is pretty cramped plus there’s no where to send the younger kids to play except outside. We figured that we could clear out some of the clutter to have it more inviting and since we have the girls room the younger kids could have something to do away from the adults. It worked out perfectly. We had Kumen, Becky, Audriana (sorry I know I misspelled it, 17), Aaron (13), Ben (6) and Zach (5). Then Jon’s parents showed up with Dara and Jason and later in the evening Rawlin showed up. Everyone was at our house around 4:30 and we talked and had a little something to eat. I believe Jon’s parents left around 6 or 6:30, maybe even 7 pm. Rawlin showed up only a half hour before they left.
When it was time for the grandparents to leave Zach thought they were leaving also and told Becky he didn’t want to go he wanted to stay and play. So I guess we had a least a semi entertaining home because his grandpa in Pahrump has a small train that they ride around the estate there and he wanted to stay and play here, though I’m sure he was just distracted by all the different toys we had that he doesn’t.
It was a fun evening. Rawlin and Kuman kept each other occupied. Becky and I talked then Aaron told riddles and the younger boys came out and we pretended to talk on the phone to one another. Jon mostly sat and watched and Lilah was in the living room the whole time because she didn’t know who these boys were that took over her room. Eden was just curious and watched as they played with blocks and got her other toys out. Later Eden befriended Audriana at the end of the night. The two younger boys also seemed to like the chime set and the accordion we just got for Christmas.They left around 9 pm. The pictures were all taken at the end. More of a second thought so those who weren’t able to see them could. I was also busy talking most of the night so I should have delegated Jon to take some. Also our flash either wasn’t on or it didn’t work very well across the room and neither did the red eye apparently.

At one point in the night I tried to tell Lilah everyones names. Obviously it was too much for a little girl to remember. She was funny later that night or even another night we had her say the family prayer and she asked to have the cousins whose names we don’t know be safe. She’s done that twice so far sense we’ve seen them.

Zach, 4. He goes to preschool two days a week now.

Jon, Rawlin, Kumen.

Ben, Becky, Zach, Audriana, Aaron’s legs. (sorry I never got a better shot of Becky.)
Becky stays home and does paid sewing projects and what not.

Audriana and Aaron. Audraina is planing on becoming an American Sign Language interpreter. Aaron is 13 and plays the clarinet in band.

Ben is 6 and I believe in kindergarten, or possibly the first grade.

Brighter shot of Audraina hugging Zach and Aaron on the couch.

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  1. Nice neice Says:

    Thanks for posting these! it is so fun to see all these cousins that I haven’t seen in forever. You guys are so great to let everyone invade your home, I know that must have been a ton of work. Happy New Year! —Shauntae