No Yoga

For some reason I am destined to not go to yoga lately. I was sick with my stomach for two weeks and thus missed yoga due to my diet. Last night I went to bed fully intending to hit snooze only once when my alarm went off at 5:35 am, but I turned it off and went back to bed to get more interrupted sleep after I hit snooze once.

I went to bed early, but my sinuses are infected and were draining all night. When this happens I cough and I cry. I cry not because I’m crying, but because I guess it’s just automatic for my tear ducts to leak when I’m laying down with a sinus infection. The crying wakes me up, as does the coughing. It felt like I was awake forever before finally getting to sleep.

Then Eden came in with her pillow wanting to sleep with us. Sadly, usually she gets her way and stays the rest of the night with us, but I was restless and put her back into her bed at 3 am.

I did sleep relatively well from 3 am till 5:35 am, when my alarm went off, but I could tell that my body was achy from not sleeping well before 3 am, and yoga would not be apart of my morning.

The girls woke up and watched PBS till 9 am since I was not ready to face the day till then. They also came in after every show wondering when I was going to get up and feed them, well after one show since they never get to watch till 9.

I’m not sure what I have, but it involves full sinuses that are draining constantly and not much sleep.

And I have something to do everyday this week except Friday.

Glorious time to be sick, glorious.

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