I love my kids.

Eden is funny. She is recognizing birds and saying bird when she doesn’t even call me Mama. Sigh. She says bird when she sees Big Bird on Sesame Street, which was giving me a little bit of a complex but she called another bird bird later that day. When do I get Mama?!?! She’ll say Dada when we’re talking about Daddy, but she doesn’t really call him Dada. She’s also learned no in just the past two days. Every question gets the reply of no now. She will shake her head yes and no which alleviates some of the confusion.
I just never get mama.
Eden also likes to put on clothes. Yesterday while at Target I turned around and she had this little outfit I was going to buy on her head. Had the buttons been undone and it not been a 0-3 month size then it would have been over the head. She’s so silly.

Lilah’s excited to go to the big primary and do dance. I can’t believe my baby will be in primary! Her teacher is a young lady in our ward. We visited Great Harvest yesterday and she happened to be working so I introduced Lilah to her. I have to teach Gospel Doctrine so I’ll pretty much only have time to drop her off. I’m sad that she’s getting so big. What’s a mama to do?
We bought dance shoes while at Target. She seems to be stoked and if she likes it maybe I’ll spend the $17 on the dance leotard that has a small skirt attached to it. Sam, the teacher, says she only needs the shoes because that’s what counts and comfortable clothes. It’s funny because I’m worried about Lilah not fitting in. Does any of the other students just wear the shoes and not the leotard and will Lilah feel left out if she is the only one in regular clothes? So I’m worried about my three year old and the clothes she’ll be wearing and if that will affect the way she fits in, or possibly the fact that I might be considered cheap? Sigh. This Sunday it all begins. First Sunbeams and then dance beginning Tuesday. My baby really is growing up. Forget that she’s potty trained and talks and does so much for herself. She’s going into primary and starting dance. Now I know I’m getting old.

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  1. ambah Says:

    It’s crazy how fast they grow up. I can’t believe that Ashley is getting baptized in just a couple months!!

    The owner of Great Harvest is my bishop. Just a tidbit for you.