New year

So it’s new year. La…dedah. I never make resolutions. I never keep resolutions. It’s really not for me. I have things I want to do and have been able to keep up but it’s not because it’s a new year it’s because I’m done with school.

I dropped Jon off yesterday after I had a dentist appointment (No cavities, just have to floss more often.) and he mentioned how busy the front office is and I was so happy to know that I did not have to deal with any of it. No registering for classes and hoping to get the ones I want. No more worries about financial aid or scholarships. No worries about paperwork. I’m done with it all for now. It feels good. But this is not the point of this post. My point is I’m making changes and they happen to coincide with a new year, not because of the new year.

Challenges for the new post graduated me:
1. Keep my house more tidy : This includes a long list. Mostly I don’t mind if the front room is a mess because of the girls playing. Toys are easily cleaned up and explained to strangers/ friends who come by. My goal is to decrease the clutter and keep things presentable at most times. I’m continuing the goal of keeping dishes in the dishwater dirty and unloading it right after they’re clean. I’m trying to get rid of the junk mail and papers from the mail immediately after we get it rather then making a pile and my goal is just to tidy up every day. ( I was yucky feeling this past week so I got back on track today. ) My goal is to also not get discouraged if I get sidetracked or too lazy. (There is always tomorrow.) I figure if I can learn to keep my small house tidy then it won’t be as massive if we ever or whenever upgrade to something bigger. I’ve reprinted out a schedule for me to do things and I hope this will help me keep in mind the little things that can make a house look nice.

2. Do sewing projects:
This one is tough. I’m planing on sewing some things for baby gifts for a couple girls I know. It’s finding time. Ugh. I also have my lovely drapes to do.

3. Read scriptures: I have yet to start this habit except when I teach. I’m terrible but there is always tonight.

4. Play with girls: Now I did do this but I’m doing it more. I want to have activities and things to do or places to go. Not just stay at home. We’ve noticed it a viscous cycle with Lilah and her whining. Either everything is good and she’s getting enough attention so there is little need to whine. Or it goes bad and she’s whining and her whining makes me grumpy and a little resistant to giving her the attention she is wanting because when she’s whining for it it seems demanding. It’s hard. I think Lilah is a high maintenance child in that she needs a lot of love and hugs and just being with her time. But if I’m not feeling well or up to it her whining bothers the heck out of me and I feel that she is to needy. Things are better and I hope we can stay happy, and if we can’t stay happy then maybe I can be a little less grumpy.

5. Exercise: We’ve bought some Pilate’s videos and things to help me do an at home routine. It’s finding time without Eden. Lilah just goes along with it or plays her computer games. Eden tries to climb on you or gets in the way. I need to do this. I’m back to 140 lb. or so. (my guesstimate since our scale doesn’t work, but things are fitting like they did when I got pregnant with Eden.) I liked my 120 lb. me so my goal is to get back down to there. I gained weight after I weened Eden and continued to eat the same as when I was nursing her. Now I can say that my appetite has decreased. I still have to eat throughout the day but I don’t eat as much as at the meals. This is a little bit of an adjustment. I’m still taking too much cereal in the mornings, but I’m working on it. I’ve never been one to exercise. Hopefully this can change.

6. That’s it really. Except I am trying to look a little nicer and less grubby. With the t-shirts and yoga pants I just bought I can be pretty cute yet comfortable. So I guess number 6 is to be cute more often and feel good while at home.

That’s it. I’m mostly restating but I feel really good about everything. My house is cleaner since we had visitors and I’ve kept it up. Jon jokes that he should invite people over more often if I clean like this every time. It’s totally harmless. I know he’s fine with the state our house was in, but he does like it in this tidier state. My one thing for him to do is file. I do the bills and what not but some things I just don’t know what to do. We have a few boxes of “I don’t know what to do” filing. That’s on my honey do list for him. 🙂

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