Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam

Yesterday was the big day. Lilah went to Primary. She is now a Sunbeam. (Sunbeam is the old name for the three year old class in primary) (For those who don’t know what primary is. It’s class time for children ages 3-11. It includes Sunday school lessons in a small class setting of children of the same age and then time as a group with the other kids to learn about different church and Christ centered topics and they sing songs.) I had a lesson to teach so right after sacrament I took Lilah to the bathroom while Jon got chalk for me. Then we met at the primary room. Lilah gave her daddy a big hug and I brought her into meet her teacher and sit her down. She did great. No worries or tears. One child had their mom there through the large group part because of being nervous. The mom later told me she saw Lilah trying to sing “Follow the prophet” with all the other kids. She knows the chorus but the verses we’re just learning. I had to teach Gospel Doctrine, which starts at the same time, so I only had time to drop her off and then get to class to set up.
Jon had Eden in nursery for the first time yesterday also. She doesn’t officially turn 18 months until the end of January but we figured we could get her use to it. She did just fine and only cried when she fell and hit her head. It was just funny to me. Here we were worrying about our kids when ours were just fine and the other kids were the ones crying or were nervous. (Their was a little girl in nursery who cried every time anyone came in or out. This was especially hard because Jon was checking in on Eden a lot to make sure she was okay and to let her know that we would come back for her.) Lilah got anxiety about a month after being in nursery, so we’ll see if that happens to Eden. Eden is not as shy as Lilah was, but she is becoming more aware of strangers and people invading her space.
After Gospel doctrine (We have a three hour block, Sacrament, Sunday school and then the men and women separate for a class.), I was walking through the hall to go check on Eden and each Primary leader that I saw, about three,  told me that Lilah was doing great. I must have had some worried look on my face. When I was picking Lilah up Sis. Ririe, one of the primary presidency members, said that Lilah acted like a pro. She sang with the songs and participated in the lesson and sat reverently when asked. I was happy that she transitioned so well, but part of me wouldn’t mind having to sit with her in Primary.
Since we’ve talked about primary and dance a lot Lilah got upset after church when we were going home. As we were leaving she yelled to us “We forgot to go to dance!”. So we explained that dance wasn’t for a couple more days. They grow so fast.

So my kids are pros. I hope they both continue to adapt this well to the changes in life.

One last funny note. Those who have seen my kids eat know they stuff a lot of food in their mouth. Jon said at snack time Eden was done long before the other kids because she stuffed all the animal and gold fish crackers in her mouth that she could. I think if they had pie eating contest for little kids mine could kick butt.

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