Cute Dad

When I let everyone who attended sacrament meeting on the day of my talk know that my husband was not a believing member of the church I got mixed reviews. Most were very supportive and just didn’t know, some where upset that Jon wasn’t who they thought he was.

One woman had previously given Jon a compliment on what a wonderful father he was and how she watched him and thought he was so great. Then that day I gave my talk she was so upset and said “I can’t believe I told him he was a great dad.”
Of course I came to his defense and said he is still a wonderful father and husband and that is why I stay with him but she just didn’t get it.

Yesterday at the end of Relief Society I was talking with a sister my my ward, Sister Brinkerhoff. I really love this sister and though I don’t know her extremely well she’s always been very kind and talkative when we’ve sat next to one another and genuinely concerned.
I had sat next to her for the third hour of church, or Relief Society in this case, and at the end she mentioned that I should go get my girls and get home. I told her that I don’t have my girls today because they’re with their dad this Sunday and we talked a little about how I let Jon have a Sunday with the girls because he allows me to take them to church. Then she gave the compliment of how cute he is with my girls and what a good dad he is.

It really touched me because she knows the situation, but can see past it and see what a wonderful father he is and not how he’s ruined my chances of having an eternal family or is a horrible man who did not honor his priesthood.

Then we exchanged some goodbyes and joked about not wanting one anothers trials, what the lesson had been about last week and she had taught.

I really love this sister and her friendship, and am grateful to be in a ward with wonderful people who are supportive of me and my family.

4 Responses to “Cute Dad”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    Jon is a GREAT dad and it’s good to have people around you in both family and church who can see how wonderful he is with your girls. Don’t let the others get you upset.

  2. Jonathan Blake Says:

    Thank you both for defending my honor as a father. 🙂

  3. nice niece Says:

    There’s never been a doubt in my mind that Jon is an awesome dad…I’m glad you have people around you who see that too.

  4. tk Says:

    Without reciting how I first stumbled upon you husband’s blog and then yours, please let me compliment you on your faithful devotion to your _good_ husband. That you faithfully follow Christ in your day-to-day LDS practice while standing tall as the loving wife of a disaffected Mormon testifies softly and beautifully of Christ’s patient charity for each of us. I am touched and humbled, and you are a Proverbs 31 Woman in my estimation.

    May I commend to you a lovely, short book by fellow traveler Jacqueline S. Thursby titled, “Begin Where You Are / Nurturing Relationships with Less-Active Family and Friends” (2004, Deseret Book). I beleive the author’s insight and observations will strengthen your resolve to continue in love and true charity towards Jon, no matter what.

    May you continue to reflect the the attributes of the Savior (Patience, Charity, Forgiveness towards _all_) because as you do so, your sweet little family will be bathed in that inestimable warmth and assurance given to all who are His.

    1 Nephi 19:9