Dentist visit for the girls.

Today the girls had a dentist appointment. It’s their second one and it went just fine and dandy.

The hygienist let me know that Lilah’s two front bottom teeth are loose, and she thinks she’ll lose at least one of them before the next visit. Her top are a little loose too, but she thinks those are still a year away.

I don’t know if Lilah was happy or nervous about this news because she knows once she loses her teeth thumb sucking will be a no. Lilah has already stopped sucking her thumb for the most part but she forgets on some days and we have to remind her to stop. We are taking a logical approach with her by letting her know it’s not good to thumb suck when you have adult teeth coming in  and she should stop now so it’s easier once she starts loosing teeth and this seems to be working just fine. The hygienists says that Lilah’s jaw is normal and that as long as she stops thumb sucking before she looses teeth it should be fine.

As Lilah’s appointment went on I could see her physically shaking in the chair as the hygienist worked on her.  She totally gets that from me and I felt so bad for her, but  Lilah was brave and just mostly annoyed that she couldn’t stop the shaking.

Eden’s appointment was directly afterwards  and she did just fine also. Neither have cavities and all is well, except my baby is growing up and will be loosing teeth soon, which is totally gross to me. I’m gonna have to learn to hide my disgust of loose teeth and the gums right afterwards. Yuck.

On a cute note Lilah is now wanting to avoid hard food that hurt her tooth or might make it loose. I think she’s just nervous about loosing the tooth and not knowing if it’ll hurt or what to expect since it’s a first.

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