All I wanna do is dance, dance, dance!

Lilah had her first dance class last week. (Tomorrow’s her second. I’m such a slacker on this blog thing nowadays.)
She was a little nervous at first. She timidly followed directions and did what Sam asked. Lilah stayed close to her square until Sam held her hands and galloped her around the room at one point. She had lots of fun though and on Wednesday morning she asked if it was Tuesday so she could go to dance again.
Here are some pictures. If I knew how to load videos I would, but I don’t without making them public on youtube.
Their were four students in Lilah’s class. Lilah, Britta (Sam’s daughter), Katia ( She also goes to church with Lilah but she turns three this Febuary, on my anniversary actually.), and one other girl who was not recruited from our ward. She was Hispanic and her mother at times would repeat Sam’s commands in Spanish for her daughter to understand. I think she was three almost four and just barley made the cut for the three year old class. She was a little taller than Lilah, in which Lilah is short for her age , and she seemed a little more mature. It’s amazing how six months makes such a difference at this age. Lilah was a little more attentive than Katia or Britta, and the other girl seemed to have more coordination that Lilah.
So now to the pictures.

Lilah’s suppose to be following Sam around and walking fast or slow according to the drum beat. This is while she was still being timid. (Britta had tons of fun chasing her mom. She’s in the yellow top and black pants.)
Lilah’s hands are “glued” to her side and Sam is trying to encourage Katia to stand on her square.
Lilah jumping. I know the picture is blurry, but I just love the blurry smile on Lilah’s face and Katia watching.
I think Lilah’s following the directions of Sam.
Dancing with scarfs. They pretended to be a caterpillar and then a butterfly.

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