Well today was the much anticipated day of auditions for the Wizard of Oz play. I think they girls will be happy that mommy will not be repeatedly singing the lyrics from Lullaby of Broadway, though they have been known to sing along with me.

We got there a little later than planned, but the Lee’s were still filling out applications, so we got there at the right moment and were directly behind them, which was the plan.

They took our pictures and Eden was being a little bashful. I was worried that she wouldn’t sing.

After waiting they took us to a room to sing for the directors.

I went first and did alright. I was very nervous and made no eye contact that I can remember while singing, but I think I stayed in key and hit the right notes. I mentioned I sewed and had been attending the plays for the last 12 years since I’m good friends with the Lee’s.
Sewing is definitely a plus and I admit I’m hoping between sewing and knowing the Lee’s that the girls and I will get cast.

Lilah and Eden were next and they were very quiet with telling their names and ages. I just remembered I forgot to have them say something they enjoy doing but I think we were all nervous. Kelsey accompanied them and they both sang very well, though Eden made no eye contact. I think she takes after her mother.

After singing we went to learn dance steps. Eden was too bashful to learn with the other Lee kids and Lilah. Lilah did pretty well and I was very happy for her.

After the kids danced it was the adults turn. I was in a group with the Lee’s so it helped me feel a little more comfortable. I think I did pretty good for not ever dancing and the instructor said this was one of the stronger groups, though she could have completely been referring to the older Lee kids.

My legs are hurting from kneeling and I will definitely need to get in shape if I have any dancing to do. I plan on trying to lose weight anyways for the play, though I’ve yet to lose any, I just haven’t gained any.

I’m excited and so is Lilah. Eden said she was too nervous to dance, so we’ll see if they still allow her to be in it. I’ve prepared her that she may not be in it, but she can always audition next year if she wants.

I guess now all we can do it wait.

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