Weekend Fun

Jon put the toilet in this Saturday. It actually had a leak somewhere, but since he’s noticed the leak, it hasn’t leaked again. My dad said to put food coloring in the water to help see where it’s coming from, so now we need to buy that, but it may not leak again. Though maybe it only leaks when it flushes, or it could be the water intake, because he did turn that off. Anyways, it’s fun to see him working on the house and he likes the tools he gets to buy for working on the house. He had to by a level, so he can put the door on later. He’s a pretty good handy man considering he’s learning how to do most things around the house.

Sunday we had Family Home Evening at my parents and there was a lot of people there. It was fun though, the more the merrier right! Lilah had fun and my Dad made cobbler, in which I barely got some because I was feeding Eden and it was my idea to have cobbler! Anyways it was good. Eden was passed around like crazy, she’s a pretty good baby  and had lots of smiles for everyone. She’s such a happy girl.

Lilah is feeling better, just a little stuffed up still, and Eden didn’t catch it, so that was good. We all are feeling well and I have a break from all my test this week, but their is another one next week.

I’ll be sewing Lilah’s costume this week. She’s going to be a fifties girl. I picked it one, so she could have a cute ponytail and two, because it’s the easiest thing to make, though I’ll need to shorten the pattern by like four inches because of how short she is. If I have time, I think I’ll try to make a skirt for Eden also….but we’ll see.

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