Dada says ribbit

NEWS: Eden is finally calling me mama!! I love to hear her talk lately. The other day she said car when she heard one go by outside, and she’s coming up to me and saying mama. I love it when my girls finally call me mama. She also says color now. She loves crayons and loves to color. Yesterday she also decided to eat the crayons. Yummy green crayon.
The other day I realized Eden was a toddler when I heard her coming down the hall repeating “no, no, no.” to herself. It almost makes me want to have another one.
The title of this blog comes from Eden. She just came up to me and called me mama and the cartoon frog on my shirt Dada. I suppose you could say it looks like Jon, but I think she was just confused.

Conversation with Lilah at lunch the other day:
Me: “Lilah what do you want to be when you grow up?”
Lilah: “I want to be a doctor.”
Me: ” A doctor. I bet you’ll make a good doctor.”
Lilah:” What do you want to be when you grow up Mommy?”
Me: ” I’m a mom. I want to be a mom when I grow up.”
Lilah: “You can be a doctor like me. Okay Mommy.”
Jon called her a budding feminist.

One Response to “Dada says ribbit”

  1. amberlicious Says:

    Yay for Eden!! It is fun when they start talking. Cori *can* talk but she chooses not to much of the time. That gets a little frustrating. Too bad that Jon is a frog. Must be rough on you. 😉