Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Our St. Patrick’s day started off late.

Lilah decided to sleep in until 9:30 am!

Isn’t she so cute. I just love watching my children sleep.

While she slept Eden and I ate breakfast.

Since some of the clothes we bought yesterday were green or had green I washed them so the girls could wear them.

They sure are hams sometimes.

(Eden was suppose to choose a shirt, but she chose these ladybug shorts, and since I have a soft spot for ladybugs I aggreed to buy them and the shirt that goes with them.)

By the time we were dressed we had a short errand to run and then it was time for lunch. Lilah wanted to do something or go somewhere to celebrate St. Patrick’s day, but we’re not, so I suggested having green macaroni and cheese. She loved the idea and was happy to suggest that we should also have applesauce and dye it green too. I obliged and we had a very green lunch.

Lilah loved the green applesauce.

Our green lunch.

I’m suppose to actually eat this green slimy stuff?

3 Responses to “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

  1. nice niece Says:

    Now I totally know what I’m making for dinner tonight! Thanks. 🙂

  2. andrea Says:

    The mac & cheese looks like green beans. We’ll see you soon!

  3. Carolyn Says:

    Very nice.