Olive Garden

Last week Andrea and Brien came to town to see Scot and Fallon. Since they live in Ely and Ely has no large restaurant chains, besides McDonald’s and Subway, which are fast food, they like to go out to eat to at least one of their favorite restaurants. We choose Olive Garden and it was basically those who were at my parents house that came. Carolyn called me while I was driving there so she she came along after work.

I got some cute pictures of the little girls there and some adults and a video of Zarina. I warn you that my finger was over the mic at first so don’t turn the volume up too loud because I uncover it later.

Cute Zarina, even with a mouth full of bread. She was on an all carbs diet.

Eden was all smiles for the camera.

Lilah was bashful for some reason.

I guess she wanted to take the pictures rather than be in them. She took this one of Brien.

Scott and Fallon talking to my parents.

Grumpy grandpa getting a bite of Lilah’s sundae.

3 Responses to “Olive Garden”

  1. andrea Says:

    The pictures and video turned out cute. I will have to bring a CD or a thumb drive over to your house the next time we’re in town.

  2. nice niece Says:

    I can’t believe how much Baby Z has grown up…she’s almost not a baby anymore!

  3. Carolyn Says:

    Very cute. I miss that little one. Good thing you have two cute little girls to fill the void.