5 things

1. My intelligence. I’m happy to be on Earth and able to learn and grow, even if I’ve felt like I haven’t been learning things lately I’m grateful that I can and have had many opportunities to enlighten my mind.
2. Spring. I love warm weather and I’m happy it’s getting warmer here. I can’t wait to go swimming this summer with the girls.
3. I can sew. I’m looking forward to creating my Ozian costume for the play. Since Lilah’s a lullaby girl I don’t have creative freedom to do with that what I want, so my costume is the one I get to worry about and design.
4. The future. I know this is broad but I’m thankful for the happy outlook of my family’s future. I’ve been focusing on the future and I think that helps me stay focused on more important things rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about stupid things.
5. I’m grateful that Jon does/ did the taxes.

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