Cute Lilah

Lilah was so cute yesterday.

The first thing she did that made me smiled happened while I was feeding Eden. I was in the living room and I hear “Help, Mommy, help!” I told her I was nursing Eden and it would have to wait or she would have to bring it to me in order to help her. I thought she might have given up because it took a while, but then I hear Lilah dragging something down the hall. I see Lilah and then I see her dragging Eden’s carseat behind her. She was like “It’s heavy Mommy.” and was having some trouble steering. Lilah wanted me to buckle teddy in sense the buckle is a little hard for her. She was just so determined, and it was so cute.

The next cute thing was during family home evening. We were singing Teach Me to Walk in the Light and Lilah actually sang along with us! She usually only does the key words when we stop and let her say the word, or she’ll sing the song by herself. This was the first time she sang with us. It was soo cute.

Then after we had finished reading scriptures as a family she was looking through my scriptures and started saying “And it came to pass. ” Jon and I just laughed. (In the Book of Mormon a lot of scripture passages begin with ‘And it came to pass’, and we read the Book of Mormon as a family nightly, so it’s funny that she picked up on that, even though she’s only two.)

Lilah’s so cute and to see her grow makes me happy to be a mom.

One Response to “Cute Lilah”

  1. Barb Says:

    Scott loved that story about “ and it came to pass.” His coment was: Just wait until she starts writing stories in school. = )