Spring Cleaning Update

Not that I’ve been cleaning all day, just part of it, but apparently Spring cleaning in my book means to clean inside of shelves and places where you see no immediate benefit or change, unless you’re me, and it makes a big mess by your door because that’s where the pile of stuff you don’t need is. And it means you clean the top of your fridge, also a place where no one looks.

I think I’ll go wash some dishes so I can have an empty sink and feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Maybe by the end of the week my floors will be mopped, but maybe not.

One Response to “Spring Cleaning Update”

  1. andrea Says:

    I also enjoy cleaning some of those hidden areas. That’s really what Spring Cleaning is about. Everything that is out in the open should be a part of regular cleaning.

    I don’t think I blogged about the fact that a few months ago I cleaned the top of our fridge for the first time. It was really gross and probably took 45 min. or longer, I can’t remember. When I was up there looking at it I felt bad for tall people who can’t help but see the dirty fridge top that us shorter people don’t even think about.