Easter Egg Dying

On Friday night we we dyed eggs over at my parents house. My mom was out of town and we felt that my dad needed company and dinner since I brought over pizza. (Really their house is the biggest and just the easiest to fit in and we wanted to give my dad some company and make sure he didn’t have too quiet of a weekend without my mom. )

Lilah was so excited to dye eggs.

Lilah like coloring the eggs and then dying them.

Carolyn and Eden were making an egg for Zarina just to say they were thinking of her.

Some of the dyed eggs.

Howie and Kaitlyn, Eden had already dyed all her eggs and was watching longingly.

My niece Addrienne slept through the whole thing.

One Response to “Easter Egg Dying”

  1. andrea Says:

    Thanks for thinking of us!