The secret’s out….I’m not very good at keeping them;)

SO I was told I could revel my secret. Well it’s not so much a secret as I didn’t want to spill the beans before other people found out, but she said it was okay when I called her this afternoon.


There’s my secret.
Well we were at my parents last night when her and Derrek came over. Glenn, Carolyn, Jon, me and our girls were sent upstairs so Derrek could ask the parents.
I’m way excited for Carolyn. He’s a great guy and very nice.
No, He’s not Mormon, but I know that whether or not he ever becomes Mormon does not matter. One because I’m in sorta the same boat, two because I think he is a decent guy and respective of us who are active LDS members.

Her ring is a cross between these two and it’s very sparkly.
This one because it’s princess shaped and the diamonds around the main ring curve around the corners, though it doesn’t have the two bands on the side.
This one because it’s sparklier (my made up word) and reminds me of hers and two because the diamonds cover three sides of the band, not just the top like the other one, but it still only has one band leading to the diamond, not three.
No they did not buy them on amazon….but this was the easiest place to find similar rings.

2 Responses to “The secret’s out….I’m not very good at keeping them;)”

  1. brien Says:

    Well finaly. Darren has posed the question. When we last spoke to Carolyn I joked about it and she didn’t give her normal responce. Andrea and I talked about it a bit afterwards but did not estimate a round-about date. Thats great. Darrel seems like a nice guy. I expect Duane will treat her nice. Hehehe.

  2. amber Says:

    Yay!! Congrats to Carolyn!!