Happy Valentine’s Day

So we don’t do Valentine’s Day very much. Mostly because our anniversary is later this month, so to do two romantic nights in one month is hard. Really it’s over doing it because we don’t even do one romantic night a month. I also prefer doing something extra special on a day that actually means something to me.

Today has been a bad day though. Eden is sick. I mean diarrhea and puke sick. (She’s only puked once, but the night is still young.) This makes me extra sad because we were suppose to go to Utah tomorrow with my mom. Even if she has a good night and doesn’t puke again there’s no guarantee that she won’t tomorrow while on the trip. I’m still tempted to go if she has a good night, but I would feel soo bad if she did  end up puking in my mom’s car.
Most times these things are just one day, but will it only be one day is the question. We’d be leaving around 10 am….which is just too early to tell.
I really wanted to go. It was for a cousin’s reception. I’m not close to this cousin or even this aunt and uncle. I just wanted to get away. I also wanted to show support because they’ve come down for weddings and blessings, and we haven’t been able to go up for the two weddings they’ve have since I’ve been married.
Really I just wanted to get away and change my routine.
I’m so very disappointed.

(Jon’s coworker has been gone and if it were just Friday he could take the time off, but it’s Thursday and Friday, which makes it hard for us.)

One Response to “Happy Valentine’s Day”

  1. amber Says:

    We take the occasion to celebrate Valentine’s, but we usually go out before or after then have a fun dinner with the kids on the actual day.

    I hope she wakes you up at the crack of dawn jumping on the bed and asking for breakfast. Then you’ll know for sure that she’s feeling better! I’d probably just take her if she even looked like she was feeling remotely better. Bring a bag for her to puke in just in case?

    I understand the need for change. I like to go somewhere at least once a month.