Hopefully I’ll be less sore next week.

This week has mostly been me sewing and figuring out the cost for the lullaby/snowflake girl’s costumes. I’m in charge of buying everything and sewing Lilah’s and one other girl’s costume. It’s been fun considering I’m modifying a costume and have no exact measurements of how much fabric I need. So I laid out patterns to see and then I realized I had forgotten a piece that needed to be cut twice in my measurements, and bought more fabric and returned fabric because I changed the design. It’s been fun, real fun. I’m just hoping that I have enough fabric but not a lot left over by the time the last mom sews costumes since we’re just passing things along.

Besides the costumes this week, last night was the first dance rehearsal and it was the dance for the Jitterbug portion of the play. I was working out, but then sleep got the best of me and then I was sick and I still have a sinus infection and I have yet to return to working out. I am so sore and I get to dance and try to work my muscles tomorrow doing the dance once again. We’ll see if I’m able to do all the dance moves. (It’s the squatting that kills me and we have to go to the floor and hop up quickly at one point.) I suppose with a good warm up, and the fact that I don’t want to look like a total wuss, I’ll hopefully work through the pain and then I’ll just need to work out at home and try to do the moves that cause me the most pain at home, so my body can work through it. I think this just might be the key to me losing some weight.

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