Peace Offering

I should blog about Earth Day and what we did yesterday, but then I’d have to edit some photos and maybe try to be cute in my writing, though I really feel my blog writing has been in the minimal mode. I write what I have to because I have so many other things to think about and they’re mostly play or kid related.

Our house has been a slight disaster area lately. Things have just been piling up and I haven’t been very good at unpiling anything. ( I like to make up words.)

As a peace offering to Jon I’ve cleaned part of the house. It needed to be done, but I really did it for him, and slightly for me since the chaos does not help this stressful time. I hope he knows I love him and appreciate all the daddysitting time he’s been doing so Lilah and I can be apart of the play. It’s been difficult for him to find study time and finals and presentations are upon him.

I really appreciate all you do Babe and am so grateful that you don’t mind digging for your socks because I’ve been to busy to match them, when you did have some matched but hadn’t realized I put them away, and it’s so normal for you to have to find your socks that even I was surprised there were some in your drawer.

I also know that I’m going to be neck deep in sewing so I figure it’s nice to have a small memory of what our clean floors and bathrooms look like. Since our floors and house will be full of Winkie costumes for the next few weeks, or however long it takes to make them.

There’s still plenty to clean and do, but there always is, and at least the floors are presentable and our bathrooms are free from hair on the toilet.

One Response to “Peace Offering”

  1. Jonathan Blake Says:

    I noticed when I came home and you dashed off to rehearsal that you had cleaned up. Thank you.

    All the same, I think the house bothered you more than it bothered me. 🙂