Pictures at Cathedral Gorge- Part 1


Our Explorers.

What we did while they explored. He was reading I was relaxing.

A sweaty, happy hiker.

A happy Zarina with a happy Lilah.

A beetle. They were our regular campground visitors and they were around 2 inches in length. The girls were fascinated with them.

Cousins.  Zarina loved sitting on the bench next to Lilah and Eden.

Friday Morning

Jon and the girls hiking. What you can’t see them?

They made it to the top of that dirt hill, but not up the cliff wall obviously. For some reason I didn’t take a picture while they were sitting there overlooking their achievement.

Zarina walking around with her blanket and Spock bear.

Why are you following me strange lady? It was morning and she was grumpy, hence the blanket and bear.

Happy she’s with her daddy, but still unsure of me.

Still not sure of me.

Yay! A smile. She does like me, even if I don’t have my children around.

Summary of Day One
Summary of Day Two

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  1. Carolyn Harvey Says:

    Looks like you had fun!!!

  2. marybrinkerhoff Says:

    How fun!

  3. Nice Niece Says:


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