The reappearing mouse.

Would you sleep with a grown man if he slept with a stuffed animal?

Well, I do.

Jon has a stuffed mouse from when he was a child. If it wasn’t 12:30 am I might see if I can find a picture of it, but oh well. Anyways Lilah had adopted this mouse for a while. It was the stuffed animal that she slept with at night and carried around the house. Not too long ago she mentioned how Daddy should have his mouse. Now every night she takes the mouse with her to bed, but it always appears on Jon’s pillow before we go to bed, really I should say before he goes to bed because I stay up late. I think its rather sweet that she wants her daddy to have his stuffed animal to sleep with at night. At first Jon just tossed it aside, but I think the kid in him is coming out. I caught him cuddling it last night at one point when I was having two visitors return to their own beds. So I never thought I’d be with a man who sleeps with a stuffed animal, but I guess having children brings out the child in oneself.

3 Responses to “The reappearing mouse.”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    Mine sleeps with a baseball bat. Does that make you feel better? 😉

  2. nice niece Says:

    It must run in the family…I’ve been known to snuggle a stuffed animal. 😀

  3. andrea Says:

    Umm, did you tell Jon you were going to out him on you blog? The adults in my house don’t sleep with anything, except each other. Recently we added a few little books to Z’s bed so she had something to amuse her when she wakes up in the morning or after her nap. She also has stuffed animals in her bed.