I’ve be done working in a sweat shop, I mean making costumes, for just a few hours and I already feel lost. I just don’t know what to do with myself. Sure I have a ton of things to do, but uh, I don’t want to. I think I need a list to remind me of all that needs to be done and to possibly ignore at times. Yes, I’ll make a list and you can all be happy that you don’t live in my chaotic home or have my super good at procrastinating skills, though some of you may be able to surpass my list. Remember it’s not a contest about who has more to do, this is all about me of course.

First I need to blog about the following:

Pictures for Part 2 of Cathedral Gorge.
The Shark reef and pictures from the shark reef.
The ladybug release from like April. I think Jon still needs to create a way for me to stream video now that I can’t use google video anymore. Wah.
Pictures of the costumes and maybe my crazy sewing corner in my living room. It’s chaos total chaos I tell you.
May birthday’s.

Things to do around my house:

Finish Spring Cleaning. Wait maybe I should just sweep and mop my floors and clean our gross bathrooms. The girls have taken to washing their feet in the sink and lets just say they leave nice dirty foot prints around the sink and on the toilet lid and on the floor and in my hall way. It’s great.
Wash and put away winter blankets. We were still using them when I started sewing a bazillion weeks ago but I haven’t gotten them stored away for the winter yet.
Clean up my bedroom. This encompasses a lot. Like cleaning the area that was storing the boxes for Jon’s solar oven that he needed to make which were holding the blankets I needed to put away along with clothes that I laid there. The boxes were also hiding our ever mounting shred pile, but he has since made his solar oven and left it even more chaotic after he moved everything I had put on top of his boxes.
Clean sewing corner and figure out where to put the extra fabric. (Anyone want to buy 8 yards of black fabric or 6 yards of white for just $1.50 a yard plus tax.)
Clean every corner of my house.
Clean off top bunk bed so Lilah can sleep there before she turns 7. Hopefully we get it cleaned off before Eden turns 4. (cross your fingers.)
Organize the girl’s clothes. Arg, they have so many clothes.
Organize everything so we can find spots to put the stuff on the top bunk- though I think we might need to buy some outside storage and something for the inside.
Clear off the changing table so we can actually get rid of it, like I wanted to six months ago.

Things I want to do:

Make reusable bags since ours that are made from plastic bottles are all falling apart. We think the hot car weakened them.
Make a robe.
Make an apron for me and Shauntae and something for Carolyn.
Get the girls in swimming lessons since Lilah fell in my SIL’s jacuzzi when no one was watching. Not a very proud parenting moment for me.
Read the books my husband got me for my birthday.
Start home schooling again. Lets just say our Spring Break went a little long and now we don’t get a summer break.
Have a clean house again, but without doing all the work. Any volunteers?

See, now I feel so much better writing it down so I can avoid this post since it’s really all very overwhelming to look at.

I think I’ll watch Oprah and just have pizza for dinner before we go to practice.

2 Responses to “Lost”

  1. andrea Says:

    I think you should have stopped making the list at the halfway mark so that it didn’t seem so overwhelming. (And wear do you plan to make a ROB?)

  2. Lacey Says:

    Uh, I’m stressed. I need to make a rob so someone will clean my house and his name will be rob.

    OK, I’ve fixed it and it says robe now. I wasn’t paying attention.