5 things

Just a quick introduction to my 5 things I’m grateful for. Life has been very busy. So busy that I thought it was Tuesday, but it’s still Monday, so I am right on schedule, though most of you will read this on Tuesday.

Since Lilah turns six this week I’m going to have her as my theme and list five things I love about Lilah.

1. Lilah and her sweet temperance and love towards me. Sometimes it’s overwhelming how much love she showers me with love, but I still appreciate it.
2. The morning cuddles she gives me. She’s willing to miss watching PBS so we can have time together.
3. She’s always a willing helper with carrying things in and bringing me something I might need.
4. Lilah’s vocabulary. She has an extensive vocabulary and usually uses her words correctly and it’s fun to listen to her talk.
5. Lilah’s patience in doing the play. She is so excited about it but it has been rough at times with the sitting around and waiting. I should mention it’s her overall patience that I love, but the play is the thing we’re all having to have the most patience with at this time.

Plus, a favorite moment I’ve had with her lately is seeing her look in the mirror after I apply her stage make-up. She goes and looks in the mirror after I apply each separate thing while I’m getting the next one out, ie. I put on her mascara and she goes and checks it out and gives a satisfied look and a smile while I get the eyeshadow out and then looks at herself after each step till we’re done.

I love you Lilah and I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

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