Full House!!

We had our first sold out show tonight! My sister-in-law Annie actually got the last three tickets at 6:50 pm, or 10 minutes before show time. She loved the show and mentioned how it was her favorite movie when she was little, but it was also the only thing my mother-in-law would let them watch because they weren’t allowed to watch TV! It was so nice to have family there and I can’t wait to perform on Monday for my family, even though it’s also a little nerve racking to know you know people in the audience.

Our previous two nights were also pretty full, but it’s great to sell out so early. We have six shows next week and really need the shows to be sold out because the foundation didn’t get some grants this year, so we have to do well in order to continue to do the plays, and I really want the girls to be a part of them, plus I think they’re fun too. So please help us sell out on more nights and come to the play. Buy your tickets in advance on-line so you can be sure to have a seat!


One Response to “Full House!!”

  1. Annie Says:

    I LOVED the play! I took Gage (8) and Kaylee (5) with me and the play kept both of their attention the entire time! It was like a Broadway show! Don’t miss it if you can help it… and yeah, get there early or get your tickets online because we almost didn’t get to see it because we arrived just before 7:00. but, whew! we lucked out! Thanks Lacey and Lilah!