Shorter Days

This past week has been hectic. We had rehearsals or the play to perform almost every night, except Friday. The play totally wipes Lilah and me out and neither of us are very useful till 9 am. Then with needing to bathe her and get curlers in and then I shower in the afternoon before we leave, we have like 5 hours of the day to do something. Lets just say we haven’t done much of any house work because we’ve been to Chuck E Cheese for Lilah’s birthday, the mall twice to buy clothes or return clothes for Jon and my dad, Costco, and UNLV for some family time at the museums. Even if we were home there is so much to do that there’s never enough time to do it, but just play catch up so we actually have clean dishes to eat off of and clean clothes to wear. Jon  has also been home, which is both helpful and not. It was his vacation so I was trying to let him relax as much as possible. He wanted to be gone during the day, but didn’t have anywhere to go, so he was home but not required to do much unless he wanted to. The day I went to Costco he did some tidying around the house because I was torn between staying home to clean and going shopping, but we made a deal that I would take the girls with me and he would clean. He also creates so many more dishes when he’s home so I’ve yet to catch up on dishes, and I’m sure I’ll be behind for part of the week. So fun.

I admit I look forward to him going back to work and since there aren’t any pressing things to do this week besides the play I want to clean my house or at least get caught up on some of my chores. Speaking of chores, I need to wash dishes so I can make a nice Father’s Day meal and actually be able to serve it on regular plates and not paper tableware.

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