5 things

Jon got jealous that I did a five things centered around Lilah for her birthday but did not do that for his. Since it was Father’s Day yesterday, and since Jon is so low key and doesn’t expect anything too much from me, even though I like to be treated on Mother’s Day, I am centering today’s five things around Jon.

1. Jon is so patient with our children and I appreciate it, even though I’m not always patient with his patience. (As in I want him to be as impatient as I am.)
2. Jon wants to show and teach the girls everything he knows, and since he acts on this he gives them much of his time and the girls love this.
3. He takes each of his girls on a date every month. I know they will always appreciate this alone time with him and I appreciate the time I have with him too.
4. Since he’s been a home alone parent more often with the play practices Jon sympathizes with me and my role, and I finally feel he understands me and how I feel a little more because it’s been somewhat tough on him to be the only parent for the girls to turn to when I’m gone and even though he’ll be so happy when the play is over he is still happy to watch them because I’m enjoying the play so much.
5. Jon makes us his priority and tries to spend quality time with me and the girls. He has every Friday in June off to use some leave and he also has something planned for every Friday in June so we can do things as a family.

I love you Babe and I’m happy to have you as the father to my children.

2 Responses to “5 things”

  1. Jonathan Blake Says:

    Thank you for being my partner in crime. You make life fun.

  2. marybrinkerhoff Says:

    I wish Tom was as impatient as me too. I understand completly!