Happy Anniversary to me

Well this week is my 5th year wedding anniversary and today I received some beautiful flowers from my hubby. As I said in my valentine post we don’t worry about valentines and just really focus on our anniversary. (I got two non-valentines gifts. Chocolates that were bought and not really given to me on Tuesday night, the day before Valentines. Then their were red roses that my husband got very cheaply on Saturday, the day I got back form my trip. )

Anyways, I saw the Fed Ex guy coming to my door and I thought, “We haven’t ordered anything, all our packages got her yesterday.” Well it was for me, and the box had ProFlowers on it so I knew exactly what would be inside. A beautiful bouquet of lavender roses.

It was fun because I got to arrange them myself. (It had instructions and a vase.)

I enjoyed cutting each stem and finding a spot for each flower and then foliage. It was sent with love and arranged with love. I didn’t even finish my lunch before arranging! (Besides the fact that I knew they needed to be in water, but I was just so excited to get them. I love lavender roses!)

The best lighting in my house is in my kitchen so I placed them in the doorway and took a picture. This one shows the color well and the next the flowers.




I love anniversaries. (They also had a beautiful note/ poem with them. Oh how I love my hubby.)

They are beautiful.

The first bouquet Jon ever sent to me were lavender roses. These were long stemmed, large, beautiful lavender roses. (They looked more like this variety.) They were sent to my office on our five month anniversary, which was just a month before we got married. They were so beautiful and the scent was so intoxicating. I had them on my desk, which was near the employees and lawyers in boxes, so all day long I heard how beautiful and what wonderful scent they had to them. Then I brought them home. They bloomed and died within four, if not three, days but oh were they worth it. We’ve yet to find lavender roses that stand up to those, but I enjoy any roses from my hubby.
Happy five year anniversary! Even though you are a pain I love you. (You’re only a pain because you’re such a free thinker ;))
You are such a help to me and the girls and I know you love me with your whole self. Thank you for accepting our differences, even though I’m still trying. Thank you for your patience, even though I get mad that you are so patient and I’m not.
I hope to grow closer to you. At times is seems impossible because we are so close, then at times it seems impossible because of the changes. I love you still and I hope to love you as Christ loves you. 😉

2 Responses to “Happy Anniversary to me”

  1. amber Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Those are beautiful roses! You did a great job arranging them too.

  2. Fallon Says:

    Happy Anniversary! I love the roses, they are beautiful.