Why get dressed?

I’ve mentioned that the girls are taking swimming lessons right now. Sadly tomorrow is the last day, though I’m somewhat happy at the same time. Since I’m not exactly an early to rise person since I stay up late, I was up till 2 am cutting out an apron last night though usually 12:30 is my bedtime. With not getting up early and on days that we don’t need to go places I let the girls stay in their pajamas till after lunch when we get ready for swimming lessons. I on the other hand do get dressed, most of the time, especially since I had a UPS guy come one day while I was still in pajamas at 11 am. I just don’t see the point to have them get dressed for 3 1/2 hours and then need to change them, though we do that on Sundays but we’re leaving the house so it’s different.

On another note I want to share with you my list of sewing projects, most of which need to be done by next Saturday, all are pretty easy or quick and I’m just excited to make them.

1. Swaddling blankets for a woman in our ward who’s last Sunday it this week, it’s my one thing that needs to be done by this Saturday.
2. Reusable bags. One for Jon and one for a bridal shower I’m going to next Saturday.
3. An apron for the same bride, and it’s in her wedding colors, well it has two of them since I couldn’t remember the other two.
4. I’m altering one of the bridesmaid dresses too, and would like to have that done by next Saturday , though I don’t need it done by then.

Other things: more reusable bags and maybe an apron for me and my niece. Those are to be done sometime this summer. And we’ve decided to make a tent for the top bunk, which I will be sewing and Jon will be building, to help prevent any little heads from running into the ceiling fan. I’m hoping by Christmas we have this ready. (Ignore that we wanted it done by Eden’s birthday. We need to get things out of the shed and out from under our bed so we have space to put things there from the top bunk or maybe even the disassembled crib. Anyone want to help refinish some chairs and put one more coat of shellac on a table? I’m pretty sure I will be in charge of these once it’s cooler, especially since Jon will be busy with work and school during the cooler, but not yet cold months. )

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