Why do I torture myself?

I stayed up till 2 am Thursday night making this:



Why did I stay up so late? Because it was fun and I was excited. FYI I never stayed up till 2 am making the costumes, why because those were not fun, they were a burden. I also started it at 10 pm, so I knew I would be up late, I just didn’t know how late. I think I’m a slow seamstress and I will never hire out my talent because I take too long.

Two of Kate’s color’s are teal and brown, I’m hoping she notices that I chose these fabrics deliberately.  I’m undecided whether I like so much of the print, it looked great on the bolt, but I just couldn’t see it the other way around. It does remind me of some 70’s kitchen and it’s growing on me more as I look at it.

Also, I have one more sewing project to add to my list. Lilah wants to give Eden a Jasmine dress up outfit and guess who will be making it. I think it will be cheaper than buying a Disney one, and I can make it a little more modest.  I probably won’t have it done by Eden’s official birthday, but I know I can have it done by her birthday party. I figure it’ll probably be her Halloween costume too, that’s if it doesn’t get too worn out by then.

3 Responses to “Why do I torture myself?”

  1. nice niece Says:

    I like the apron, it doesn’t look 70’s-ish to me. 🙂

  2. Carolyn Harvey Says:

    Soooo……I almost bought one like this for $36 smakers. I don’t know how to spell the store where I saw it at. 😉 it’s late and I’m tired

  3. Lacey Says:

    That’s interesting. I spent way too much time on cutting and then sewing, so $36 would give me about $3.50 an hour after cost of fabric. I suppose if I sewed it more often I’d get faster at cutting out and sewing it, so some people tell me. I’d make you an apron like this, but you can pick whatever fabrics you want, for free.